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 18 years ago, Panagiotis and Alexandros Kalapothakis had their first contact in the field of shoe repair for livelihood reasons.
A small shop in Nice, was the beginning, a traditional shoe store. We quickly became dear, and gained a good reputation, we took care of our customers!
It did not take long and the second store in Korydallos was a fact, we were very happy, we continued with the same appetite!
Now we had learned what brings success and we just continued ........ until 2007 we had the pleasure to open our third store in Vasiliko, Chalkida.
While it all started for livelihood reasons we had now reached the point of loving our work! When you love what you do it seems to have a direct impact on the customer.
Our customers do not hide it, they love us, they are happy with our work.
We give "life" to their favorite pairs of shoes and not only, jackets, bags and anything leather. We respect the client's property, something does not have to be expensive to be considered property, it is his acquisition, he paid to acquire it, and we take the time to use it as much as possible.

  My brother Alexander, younger but more ambitious, had the idea to make some sandals for us and our relatives, maybe for a friend. As a result, they really liked it !!!
Thus was born the idea of ​​seeking a start in sandal making.
It is not an end in itself to become the most famous and renowned manufacturers, we remember how it all started, our goal is to do what we love and know how to do and at the same time to have proven satisfied consumers.
With the same respect to the customer as in previous years, it was time to get from us not the repaired pair of shoes or heels but something new, a small creation of ours, with the best materials. We chose the name Modern Greek Sandals. It will be modern and Greek, our goal is for the sandal to beautify the foot and not to get tired.
It's nice to design and create and for others to like it.

Greek sandal and raw materials, with VIBRAM® quality

Greek Sandal

The history of Greek leather shoes and specifically of sandals comes from a long time ago, from the first steps of the ancient Greeks. The fact that it has endured so much over time, has evolved and is an ideal and at the same time modern choice that always remains a classic, reveals a lot.

Leather Products

The main types of leather are Top Grain Leather which comes from the outer layer of the skin and has the best durability in use, Full Grain Leather which is untreated leather and this is distinguished by the fact that it retains any marks and finally Split Leather where it comes from the outer surface of the skin. This skin is more sensitive to its use for this and is subject to further treatment to give us Kastori or otherwise Suede.

The basic types of skins that our company uses after processing the basic ones are the following:

1) Smooth leather is the basic leather used in sandalwood, it is extremely durable and allows us to create beautiful designs.

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2) Suede (Suede), where it is one of the soft leather in feeling and texture since due to the flexibility of the skin it embraces the foot giving the shoes its final shape by wearing it.

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3) Nubuck is made with the same process as Suede but using the inner side of the outer surface of the skin. The treatment of this leather gives us an extremely velvety texture giving us a comfortable and soft sandal.

4) Nappa leather comes from the thin outer layer of Top Grain Leather skin and has an extremely smooth and soft feeling

5) The waxed skin, where with a special technique in the last stage of processing it is polished and gives us the feeling of wax on the skin.

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