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The History of Vibram

The History of Vibram

Vitale Bramani

Vitale Bramani

Vibram's father Vitale Bramani, Italian businessman, climber and mountain guide. In 1935, Bramani loses six mountaineering friends in a tragedy in the Alps. The inadequate footwear they had led Bramani to build a sole with excellent traction on mixed surfaces.

Using vulcanized rubber technology, he develops the Carrarmato design. It will soon be famous. Even today it remains one of the most used soles by climbers.

With the help of Pirelli, Bramani patents his invention and launches the first Vibram sole.

Vibram proved its credibility in 1954 when a group of Italian climbers, equipped with special Dolomite boots with Vibram soles, conquered K2, the second highest and most inaccessible mountain in the world. The event marks the debut of shoe specialization using different models for each leg of the mission. Vibram designed three different types of soles: "Hercules" for the first steps, "Roccia" for medium altitude and "Montagna" for use over 7600 meters.

Vibram is still a leading company in quality and variety of soles. In 2007 he created the Vibram Technology Center as a symbol of commitment to research and innovation.

Today Vibram soles are used by more than 1000 shoe manufacturers and can meet the needs of any type of shoe.

Vibram is known for pioneering shoeless movement with the Vibram FiveFingers line of shoes, which mimic the look and feel of barefoot walking.

Vibram is the world's leading company in high performance retreading systems. Ensures maximum tire performance by combining innovative designs with advanced tires.

From the countryside, the industrial sector, to the fashion world, Vibram's yellow octagon symbolizes unparalleled innovation and quality, which is tested to the strictest standards.

A special test team (Tester Team) was created by Vibram to investigate and verify the performance of its products in the most extreme situations. The tests are performed at the specially designed technology center (Vibram Technological Center) by the most famous athletes of outdoor sports.

Vibram Technological Center

Sustainable development

For 80 years, Vibram has understood the environmental problem and is constantly setting new goals for a sustainable way of growth with respect for people and the environment.

Although Vibram soles are reliable, high performance and high quality, the company is constantly innovating by producing soles that are more and more sustainable and long lasting. It carefully examines the production processes and the viability performance of its products and explores new opportunities for reuse and recycling of production waste, in accordance with the principles of circular economy and environmentally sustainable design.

Its Values

Vibram is very interested in the best quality, durability, innovation, inspiration and creativity, product testing, zero waste, mountain heritage and of course their people!

The values of Vibram

Waste reduction

Vibram has established its waste reduction both in its production and in its office facilities. It has reduced by 72.4% the hazardous waste for each pair of soles it produces.

Its goal for the future: By 2022, more than 60% recycling of soles at the end of their life cycle.

Renewable Energy sources

Renewable energy sources

60% of the energy it consumes comes from renewable sources.

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