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Clean & Care

Cleaning & Care

The skin is a natural material and needs proper care. A leather pair from our company, regardless of their skin type, can be maintained for years with proper care. The two basic steps to achieving this are proper cleaning and proper storage.


Ο τρόπος που αποθηκεύετε τα δερμάτινα παπούτσια σας παίζει ιδιαίτερο ρόλο στη διάρκεια ζωής τους. Προτιμήστε την υφασμάτινη θήκη που δίνεται από εμάς, για τη φύλαξη τους, αφού με αυτό τον τρόπο τα παπούτσια αναπνέουν, ενώ παράλληλα προστατεύονται από τη σκόνη και το φως του ήλιου. Τα καστόρινα σανδάλια/πέδιλά σας χρειάζονται ανοιχτό χώρο αλλά όχι φως. Επίσης πολύ σημαντικό είναι να αποφεύγετε να τα αφήνετε σε χώρους όπου υπάρχει υγρασία για να αποφευχθούν τυχόν αλλοιώσεις στην υφή, το σχήμα ή και το ίδιο το σανδάλι.

Prevention & Cleaning

The most important thing for the maintenance of your leather sandals, is of course the care before they are even worn. Be aware that there are products that ensure protection, maintenance and troubleshooting. Even if such a product does not completely solve the problem, it will significantly help to improve the appearance of your sandal, as well as to restore them to their original state.

One of the most important products is the waterproofing sprays that not only protect the sandals from liquids and stains, but at the same time polish and care for the skin! There are several such products on the market with guaranteed quality. In particular, you can consult us for suggestions.


Cleaning by skin type


Nubuck / Suede Leather

Nubuck and Castor (Suede) skins are recommended to be cleaned with a special soft brush In particular, on stains and spots, it is better to apply the special cleaning eraser to remove stains. If our sandals get wet, we always let them dry away from heat sources at natural temperature. To have an excellent result, it would be good to use wooden shoes and to avoid synthetics because they do not have the ability to absorb moisture. An additional way of cleaning is the application of the Talk product on stains (eg from water). Immediately apply sufficient amount of Talk to the stain area and leave it to act. Talk will absorb moisture, thus reducing the appearance of the spot

Full Grain / Waxed Leather

In this type of skin the solution proposed by us is the use of a cloth (be careful, not wet) for the stain or stigma that has been caused. The skin needs to be polished to protect it from water and dust. A product based on wax or seal fat is usually suitable not only to create a waterproof layer on your leather shoe, but also to protect its color.

In closing, due to the high quality of the skins, they need high care for their proper maintenance and durability over time. In any case, we remain at your disposal for cleaning tips and products so that your sandals remain as impressive as the first day of their purchase.


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