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  • You have the right to return the product you ordered within 14 days from the date of shipment, either because it does not give you the number or because you changed your mind, with the cost of returning your order to eShop to be charged it is enough for us to use the transport company "ACS COURIER" in our name, while the shipping costs of the new products are charged to the customer in the amount of € 5.00. In case of a second change, the shipping / return costs are charged to the customer in the amount of € 7.00.


·           For the return / change of the products you must first contact us either by e-mail at, or by phone at 2221301364. Modern greek sandals will process the request for return / change of your order and will commit the product you chose for your change. Then call the transport company ACS COURIER "tel: 210 81 90 000 (local charge) to pick up your product from the address you have stated. Please do not use a transport company of your choice, as you will be charged shipping costs. We also wanted to draw the attention of our customers that, for reasons of organization of the Returns Department, if there is no prior communication in one of the above ways, then there is a high probability that your product will never reach our warehouses.


For your best service, please follow the steps below in case you want to return a product:

 1. Pack the products for return / exchange.

 2. Put the receipt in the package, as well as a note stating what kind of change you want. E.g. Color, size, product code, etc.

 3. Call the same courier (ACS COURIER 210 81 90 000) to come to your place to pick up the parcel, at our expense (Valid for the first change)


Καλαποθάκης Αλέξανδρος         Telephone: 2221301364   ------ 6940615541 

 Αγίου Ιωάννου  42


Βασιλικό  Χαλκίδα , ΤΚ: 34002

If now the product we delivered to you is defective or incorrect in addition to the right of change you can ask us for your money back. In any case, we bear the shipping costs.

 *For products whose discount is from -50% and above, no refund policy is followed.

Right to change

In order to have the right to change / refund a product, the following conditions must be met in full:

 1. Let us know immediately in case you wish to change / refund either via email ( or by phone (2221301364), Product refund / refund should not exceed 14 working days from the date


 2. The product you wish to return must be in exactly the same condition as the one we delivered to you without signs of wear or use.

 3. The product must have all the labels and accompanying cards of the manufacturer that he had with the purchase of the product, as well as the packaging (eg shoe box) that accompanies it.


If the product does not meet the above conditions we reserve the right not to accept your return request.

 *The customer does not have the right to test the products before signing that he received the package, instead he must receive the package and have the test done later. In case the product does not work for you for any reason, you should inform us by phone or by mail and then consult with the postal company to determine the address and time of receipt of the parcel.


Regarding the colors of our products, we make a great effort to be as close as possible to reality. However, because computer screens vary, there may be some discrepancy between the color you see on your computer screen and the actual color.


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