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Order Tracking


Order tracking through the tracking code.

Upon completion of your order, you will be sent an email to the email address you have stated which will display in detail the products you have ordered (size, color, code) as well as the ID number of your order "Your order # 1000xxxxx ".

In case you have any questions please use this code so that we can serve you immediately.

The receipt or the invoice of your order will be sent to you together with the package that will be delivered to you by the company ACS Courier

Then when your order is ready to leave our facilities, you will receive a second email to the email address you stated with the Tracking Number and the company ACS Courier with which it will be sent, so you can track the shipment stage. of your products.

NOTE: The shipping code (Tracking Number) will indicate the company ACS Courier with which the parcel will be sent.

Therefore, in order to track your Order, enter the tracking code in the following field: (ACS Courier you will see a code like this: NIxxxxxxxxGR).

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